ASC in Vancouver, awesomer submissions open!

Facebook Event
Facebook Event

We’ve had an overwhelming response from the Vancouver community, many who have been willing to put $50 of their hard earned money into a pot, where 100% of their money goes to one winner.

What would you do with an unexpected $500-$2,000? It’s a simple process to enter, and costs nothing. Write down in 200 words what you would do with the money. It could be to start a business venture, an art project, a social cause, you could gift it to worthwhile cause, there are no limits! The trick is to write your pitch in a way that everyone who has put their $50 in to be an awesomite (judge), wants to pick yours above the rest. Once you written down your idea, email it to [email protected] If it was received, you’ll get an email back saying thanks for your submission. If you didn’t get an email back within 48 hours, send it again.

The deadline for submissions is midnight January 9th, 2015, but don’t delay. The earlier the better.

On January 14th, 2015, the 10 finalists will be notified by email that they’ve made it to the final event on January 28th at Mobify HQ. If you didn’t get notified by January 15th, thank you on behalf of all of us for your submission, and we hope you’ll enter again at the next event!

If you’re not interested entering as an awesomer, but would love to be an awesomite, there are still tickets available at $50. 100% of your money goes to the winner. If you’d just like to purchase a ticket to attend the event, they are only $10. This event usually sells out, so don’t delay! You can buy awesomite and attendee tickets below: (no fee to submit your awesome shit as an awesomer, as per the steps above!)

Event Details:

Date: January 28th, 2015

Time: 19:00

Generous Venue Sponsor: Mobify 3rd Floor, 948 Homer Street, Vancouver BC.