About ASC

Awesome Shit Club is a community effort, officially run by a collective of entrepreneurial-minded individuals with an appreciation for seeing awesome ideas turn into awesome products, experiences, events, and more!  It is one of the many projects to come out of the Victoria – Ideas group. We’re basically a small grant-giving program, distributing +$500 per event, with no strings attached.  If your awesome idea is selected as the judges’ favorite, you’ll leave with cash – it’s as simple as that.

How it Works

It’s pretty simple.  A month or so before each Awesome Shit Club event, we’ll announce the date and invite anyone who’s interested to sign up and join us.  There are 3 ways you can get involved:

Give $50 and be an AWESOMER – Awesomers are our judges.  Here’s the deal – you give $50 to put into the award pool, and you get the opportunity to vote on your favorite pitch from ideas presented at our event.  You also get front-of-house seating and recognition for your contribution.  The amount of the award pool depends on the number of Awesomers – the more Awesomers, the higher the stakes!

 Perfect your pitch and be an AWESOMITE – Awesomites get onstage and present their awesome idea for five minutes in front of our judges and guests and compete for a chance to take home the entire cash award pool.  While only one Awesomite will walk with money at the end of the event, this is an excellent opportunity to get your idea recognized and gain momentum toward your goal.

What is awesome shit? There’s really no single definition – you tell us!  It could be you want to write a screen play, build a product, design a weapon, write a poem, start a company, promote an event, publish a book…there’s no limit to the awesome potential of your ideas!

Enjoy the show as an ATTENDEE – Support the Awesomites and enjoy an evening of energetic, enthusiastic, creative folks!  $10-$20 gets you in the door and will likely get your wheels spinning about your own awesome ideas!

Diversity & Inclusion
We’re committed to diversity and inclusion. We want to ensure diversity in race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, and age — because without diversity in these areas, we’re limited in the awesome shit we’ll be exposed to, and that just ain’t awesome. You are welcome to participate regardless of your background — if we have accidentally created a barrier, please kindly notify us in advance or after the fact so we can resolve asap as we learn together how to be more inclusive.

If you have any questions, email banker@ our domain name, or contact us as @YourASC on Twitter.

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