Become an Awesomite

Show off your ideas to the rest of us, and maybe win some cash!

You too can be an awesomite, if you want to tell us about your awesome shit and maybe get some free money in the process!  You can want to write a screen play, design a weapon, start a company, write a song, invent a product, anything really.

Awesomites must submit their talk in writing below. It will then be reviewed by the Awesomers. If you’ve made it to the final 10, you will be notified one week from the event that you will have 5 minutes to pitch your awesome shit on event night.  You may also be asked questions after your pitch. If you as the submitter can’t be there for the event, you’re out (pretty simple, huh?). The contact information for each event will be posted on that event’s announcement.

A few tips!

Tips for submitting your awesome shit:

  • You only have 250 characters, use them wisely
  • The awesomer can’t be left with unanswered questions, make sure your awesome shit is explained well
  • What stage is your idea at?

Tips for pitching your awesome shit if you make it to the final 10:

  • Practice in front of friends and family, you don’t want your pitch to finish with any unanswered questions
  • Is your idea completely clear with no confusion?
  • What would you do with this money?
  • How important is this money in making your awesome shit happen?
  • What percent of your total budget is this pot of cash?