Become an Awesomite

So you wanna be an Awesomite?

Expect a lot of appreciation. ¬†To start … Thanks!

Awesomites are the people who make this event happen. They pull money out of their wallet, to give back to the community, and for nothing more than to have a vote on who should get their hard earned cash!

Whenever you see an awesomite in public, you should symbol your hands in an A for awesome towards them, while nodding your head out of respect for their generous donation.

Some important stuff to know about Awesomites

  • To get voting rights and be an awesomite: You must put $50 in the pot, once you do, you get a vote. You lose your vote if you are absent. Up to 20 people can be judges for one event.
  • There will be a deadline for being a contributor, in order to get a voting right.
  • If there are no submissions, the awesomites and funding moves to the next event.
  • Awesomites will accept up to 10 of the submitted talks. There will be a deadline for when they must be submitted as well as accepted.


Interested?  Awesome!

If you’re interested in being an awesomite, please email your contact info to [email protected].