Become an Awesomer

Expect a lot of appreciation. ¬†To start … Thanks!

Awesomers are the people who make this event happen. They pull money out of their wallet, to give back to the community, and for nothing more than to have a vote on who should get their hard earned cash!

Whenever you see an awesomer in public, you should symbol your hands in an A for awesome towards them, while nodding your head out of respect for their generous donation.

Some important stuff to know about Awesomers

  • To get voting rights and be an awesomer: You must put $50 in the pot, once you do, you get a vote. You lose your vote if you are absent.
  • There will be a deadline for being a contributor, in order to get a voting right.
  • If there are no submissions, the awesomers and funding moves to the next event.
  • Awesomers will accept up to 10 of the submitted talks. There will be a deadline for when they must be submitted as well as accepted.

Interested?  Awesome!

Clicking on the subscribe button below will withdraw $55 CAD/month and make you a committed awesomer. You can unsubscribe at any time, but if you commit to 12 months, you will be rewarded with an embroidered golf shirt and you may make it to the high score board. Should an event not happen in a given month, all of the money will go to the pot at the next event. As we often publish the pot amounts, this means unfortunately there are no refunds under any exceptions — simply unsubscribe when you wish.

If you want to purchase a one event only awesomer ticket just for the next event, this link will charge you $50 CAD, once, and 100% of the money received will go into the pot for the winner:

If you’re a bitcoiner, we recommend you proxy through our friends at, who take on-chain bitcoin (since 2012!), liquid and lightning payments (since 2018!), so that you do not send us bitcoin from your private wallet. You can must send the sats to the addresses found at: