ASC XII – The Dirty Dozen

The 12th ASC will be called The Dirty Dozen, and hosted at in NYC!
Not only is this our first event outside of Canada, it’s our first event leaving dirty fiat and going all bitcoin, baby!

Never heard of ASC? Right now we’re looking for philanthropic bitcoiners who are willing to donate 75,000 sats to be a judge, or what we call an awesomer. (scroll to the bottom of the awesomer page to send some sats now!)

Submissions open today, May 13, 2024! As we don’t have time to re-write our tools using nostr, we’re still using WordPress, so you’ll need to dox yourself by providing your email address when you submit sats to us (again, bottom of the awesomer page). This allows you to read and rate all of the submissions we will begin to receive starting next week!

This will also be out first live streamed event, that means to watch the show on May 29th, you can be anywhere in the world. This also means that you can be an awesomer from anywhere in the world! In order to be there on pitch night, you will have to be in NYC May 29th, at for your 5 minutes of fame, to share your awesome shit with the world!

Thanks to for being our generous venue sponsor, and Umi M, who’s generously help out in the background to pull this all together!

More about ASC:

Starting back in 2010, we’ve since given away thousands and thousands of dollars, with no strings attached, to encourage people to get off their asses and make their awesome shit happen.

What are we about? We’re a mini Dragon’s Den style event where anyone can write down in 250 words what awesome shit they would do with roughly an extra $1000. We guarantee at least $500, but now that we’ve gone virtual, the pot has the potential to get very large! The top 10 submissions will be invited to the pitch night, and given 5 minutes each to pitch their awesome shit. One winner will be given all of the cash in the pot, no strings attached.

If you’ve never attended, and can afford to put at least $50 into the pot, you can be a judge. If you’ve never been a judge before, I highly recommend it — I can’t explain the energy other than to say it kept me elevated for days afterwards, and when I run into fellow judges, we still talk about the energy in the room to this day! If you’re putting money into the pot to be a judge, 100% of your money will go to the winner.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$500Raised $60 towards the $500 target.$60Raised $60 towards the $500 target.12%

Once the awesome thermometer hits $500 CAD, the next event will be announced.