Support the Fort Street Cafe party on Monday!

ASC VIII will be an open mixer and forum for everyone interested in fostering small business and growth in our community! It will be a “by donation” event, where anyone can try their hand at pitching their ideas, and being a judge!  No entrance fee to pitch, no fee to be a judge, and no prizes; but here you can get your idea known to everyone that attends, without a big prep time, or worry about whether your idea is big or polished enough.

You just show up, make your pitch, get feed back from the audience, take notes, tell your friends, and get ready for the first official event in 2013!

As you may have heard, Fort St cafe has been given an eviction notice, and are currently raising money for a new venue. Join us Monday night at 7pm for the first ever Awesome Shit Club open forum and fundraiser to support the Fort! Anyone is welcome to pitch their “awesome shit” for up to 5 minutes as long as you donate something to the donation jar.  All donations will go directly toward supporting the Fort Street Cafe’s relocation efforts.

PS. AwesomeShitClub needs people to make the event happen, judges to contribute, people to pitch their ideas, and an audience to keep the venue owners happy so we can come back.