What is awesome shit?

We’re often asked, what type of awesome shit should I submit to be an awesomer?
That’s up to you, really! You tell us what is awesome to you. We’ve seen almost everything, and look forward to more!
Some examples, if it really helps you:

  • You want to write a screen play
  • You want to design a product
  • You want to buy food to feed the homeless
  • You want to build a weapon
  • You want to throw a party
  • You want to buy a goat to pull a sleigh
  • You want to start a business
  • You want to create a website
  • You want to buy a laser cutter
  • You want to start an international spoken word festival

but really, submit _anything_ you think is awesome. And yes, many of the above have been presented (and can be presented again!)

What really matters when you submit your awesome shit, is that it sounds exciting. When the awesomites (the judges, the people who each put in $50 of their hard earned money) read your submission after reading all of the others, what makes them want to vote to give you everyone’s cash instead of someone else?

You probably also want to mention why you could use the cash, i.e. what you would use it for.

We look forward to reading about your awesome shit!

Good luck!

One thought on “What is awesome shit?”

  1. I want to take a seminar series in social media to explore the impact and potential of social medial on job seekers.

    I am currently unemployed and took an introduction seminar and was really blown away with the potential impact of social media on business and more importantly job seekers like me. This is really huge, people who are not aware of the impact of social media may be harming their professional careers/prospects and those who pay attention to it are tapping into the hidden job market.

    I need $350 to sign up for the five part series put on by Sunstar Creative. (http://sunstarcreative.ca/seminars/) If awarded this money, I would use the funds to sign up for all five segments and make me more awesomer in my potential to tap the hidden job market and make sure I don’t say stupid shit using social media that might be harmfull to my professional career.

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