Victoria Tonight

I was born March 9 1979
At age 20 I moved from suburban Vancouver to Tofino and spent the next 6 years living in isolation on a remote float house with no running water or electricity. I have been jailed for protesting logging and have been an active environmental activist up until I was in a massive car accident where I broke my back. For 4 years I rehabilitated myself personally, spiritually, and mentally and came away from my formative experiences with a desire to connect to the world in a larger way. 5 Years ago I was able to rejoin the world in and became a first aid instructor. I also started a band called Great White Shark, I soon became very skilled at event promotion and was asked by other bands to manage their affairs as well. It was during this time that I was putting up paper posters that I had the innovation for fair, equal, waste free promo. PosterLoop has gone on to operate in Victoria, Ottawa, & Vancouver, But I still want to do more to promote all arts and events.

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