Update from Elissa of “Field trip for class to museum” and Liberal Guilt Award winner

You may remember from We really did light up Vancouver that at the last ASC, we created the Liberal Guilt Award.

The Liberal Guilt Award was created based on the fact that while the presentation was awesome, it wasn’t the most awesome of the evening. However, the awesomites all agreed that this one pulled at our heart strings so much, a teacher being unable to provide her students with an important learning opportunity, we couldn’t make a fair vote for a winner without giving her something.

Although we tried to work directly with the Port Moody Museum before the event, they were unable to offer us a discount. Undeterred, and dedicated to the kids, the awesomites threw together an extra pot of $500 for Elissa to take her students on a Field trip for class to the museum. It made me happy to get an email update from her:

Hey Kris,

The Port Moody Museum fieldtrip was great! The kids realized how much work it was to be an animator, and learned more about the CPR. The class was split up into 5 groups and they each had two scenes to make. They had to do a story board about their scene, then they had to cut out all the pieces they needed for their scene. They then learned how to use the animation equipment and shot their scene.  They were told they needed 50 frames minimum. I think one group shot 120 frames! Then they ate lunch and repeated the process with their second scene. The animator edited the video for us and put it all together. The video is only 59 seconds, but it was a LOT of work!  Great learning experience for them.
They were pretty excited when they got to eat lunch on a 1921 CPR train car and loved touring the little museum.  Thanks again!
Here’s the link to the video we made. 
Feel free to pass this message along to the Awesomers!
Thanks to the awesomites who made this happen!

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