Tree Husbandry Homes

My folks and I grew up in Victoria and Brentwood Bay. My Grandfather was a great micologist and he and I share a real passion for the forest’s finer points. I graduated from Stelly’s Secondary school and travlelled across Asia form Korea to Isreal a couple years later. During that trip I learned of how much humanity needs to revolutionize the way we live our lives before we overrun it completely. I have also spent much of my work time at farms, landscaping/gardening jobs, and plant nurseries. I did a self-guided tour through native american reserves too. Some evidence of what I’m thinking has sucsessfully been done before, but never to the extent I hope to do with this project, which would only grow stronger with time (unlike dead wood houses). I feel it to be my life’s purpose to make this happen, as it will surley improve the way humans see our role in the world, realising how we do not really need to to destroy ancient ecosystems to build our own. I look forward to your support!

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