Top 10 Awesomer Finalists Announced for Jan 28th in Vancouver

Facebook Event
Facebook Event

We’ve had an overwhelming response from the Vancouver community, many who have been willing to put $50 of their hard earned money into a pot, where 100% of their money goes to one winner. We’ve raised well over $500 to give away on Jan 28th at our community micro giving event.

Here are the titles of the top 10 finalists in no particular order:

  • Tiny Community Centre – Zee Kesler
  • The Magic Sidewalk Lightshow – Freddy Heartline
  • Fog Screen – Jordan Randa
  • Ukelele Bandito – David Cassel
  • Field trip for class to museum – Elissa Zaklan
  • Low-tech, low budget, comical adaptation of The Odyssey – Wes Lord
  • Connect local businesses to provide students garbage for art – Miya Zhang
  • The Vancouver Channel Webisode Festival – Zia Marashi
  • I take 30 strangers out for a meal, conversation + share the stories online – Humaira Hamid​
  • Calendaring system for graphics render farm – Simon Devenish

The presenter for each of the above, is an official Awesomer, and will be given one complementary ticket so they can attend the event. All other visitors will need an awesomite or attendee pass.

If you’d love to be an Awesomite (judge), scroll down to buy $50 tickets below. 100% of your money goes to the winner. Ed Levinson has generously offered to match your donation, so if you put in $50, it amounts to $100 to the pot.

If you’d like to simply attend the event, you can buy $10 tickets below.   Door tickets are $15.  This event usually sells out, so don’t delay!

Event Details:

Date: January 28th, 2015

Time: 19:00

Generous Venue Sponsor: Mobify 3rd Floor, 948 Homer Street, Vancouver BC.

Online tickets have completed. There will be tickets available for $15 each at the door.

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