Sasquatch: Redefining the Finite

Kyle Armstrong: Writer

Anthropology Maj. Environmental Studies Maj. Creative Writing Min.

I am a recent graduate of the University of Victoria. While pursuing ecological interests I always held on to my passion as a writer. In anthropology I got super interested in Sasquatch and its role in pre and post contact BC culture. It was an interesting topic because it was one that bridged science and the arts well and that’s sort of where this story comes from. Sasquatch is the missing link in so many ways. It links myth and science, modern humans and pre-human prototypes, the known and the unknown, and was the only mythic figure shared by colonialists and first nations alike. I was always interested in what it is about us as people that feel the need to have this figure in our cultures across the globe. I first believed it was our fear of nature, the unknown. But as with our perception of the wolf this fear has evolved to be something more along the lines of an ancient nostalgia.

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