No Hassle Bouncy Castle

I am Melody, awesomeness is who I am 😀
The entrepreneurial spirit has been in me since I can remember, I have always wanted to achieve starting my own business and now as an adult armed with incredible organizational skills, conscientious budgeting, and quite a lot of practical life skills only gained from experience in an array of circumstances, I am finally ready to launch the initial business.
I have been blessed with a son who is now 4 and lucky enough to have been able to bring him back to my home town, Victoria. James (my son) has different needs so I have put my career ambitions on hold and changed my priorities in order to ensure he has the best chance to achieve his potential, meaning I am a stay at home mom.
Along with being a mom I am the secretary of the Victoria Outdoor Club (found on, co-fundraiser for Goldstream coop preschool,and a job at Running Room where I plan events such as the ladies night on July 9, 2012, and an upcoming race TBA.

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