Last call to win over $500 in Vancouver next week

We’re in a privileged position when we can find more people willing to donate $50 of their hard earned money, than people willing to write down 200 words on what they’d do with it. We’ve raised over $500 to give away next week, and the only condition is that we have at least 10 awesome submissions to make it to the next pitch event next week. We’ve only received 3 so far.

If you’ve been sent this link, stop what you’re doing right now, and think about what you’d do if we gave you over $500 next week, with no strings attached. As of writing this, your odds are 1 in 4 of this happening, there’s no easier way to make money! It can be something fun you’ve wanted to do for a long time, it could be an art project, a business idea, a social venture, there are no limits!

Email your 200 words to [email protected] and you will get an email response that your email was received, if it was. You will be notified by Monday, November 17th if you’ve made it to the final 10.

For full details, see the original post and the main event details. There are still spots open to be an awesomite (judge) as well, but that will costs you $50. We had another awesomite sign up less than an hour ago, and all of that money goes to the pot which will go to the event winner!




4 thoughts on “Last call to win over $500 in Vancouver next week”

  1. Hi!
    I would use this money to go towards rescuing a dog from one of the many Vancouver shelters. The cost of saving a dogs life can be anywhere from 150-300 dollars. Shelters in Vancouver run on volunteers and pocket change, so the rest of the 500$ would be donated to whatever shelter I save my new best friend from.
    🙂 Thanks for your consideration.

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