The Magic Sidewalk Lightshow

Greetings fine people of The Awesome $h*t Club

We have a studio located under Bangtown Hair Salon, it is in the basement of a famous party and arts collective building at West Pender and Richards. The studio is named Decentral Vancouver.

Down here we have one of those famous glass sidewalks as part of our ceiling and the sun shines through it and it is really pretty. Like really pretty. There are only a dozen left in the whole city and they are considered awesome historical artifacts.

Anyway, our goal is to install smart LED lights under these pretty little amethyst coloured glass windows (there are 754 in total). We want to turn the sidewalk into something straight out of Micheal Jackson’s famous “Billy Jean” video
….. ie: whenever a person steps onto the glass sidewalk, the area under their feet will light up:)

We’re going to connect motion detectors to Arduino boards and connect them to LED strips. It’s going to be beautiful and open sourced.

We have already experimented with a rudimentary proof of concept and everyone loves it.

Well we can make it happen. Let’s light this city up.


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