Improving and Expanding the “Genie”!

I represent “Genie in a Bottle”, a small “cottage” business that was started some 12 years ago, dedicated to supply locally, pure essential oils and a variety of natural products (creams, topical pain reliever, perfumes, blends…) made without the use of any type of animal product/bi-product and /or petroleum product/bi-product.
Even though these products have been supplied on a very small scale, they were extremely well received.
At this point in time, Genie In a Bottle” offers
~More than 80 different pure essential oils.
~8 original and unique blends offered in various forms (Perfume, Roll-Ons, Myst, Fragrantz and in Pure)
~2 “Healing” creams for damaged or dry skin (thick night creams)
~1 Topical pain relief offered in a salve, massage oil, natural alcohol base and in a pure form to accommodate every need.

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