Documentary Photo Project of Aboriginal

Rob Jirucha holds and MA in counselling psychology and owns Legacy by Photography. He has worked with all sorts of teens in all sorts of settings for over 15 years. He ran an equine and adventure-based program for at-risk youth on a large ranch. He has counselled and guided them on outdoor adventures throughout North America: climbing, cycling, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking. He led numerous kids day-camps in a North Island Aboriginal community. His photography business has a particular emphasis in documenting the lives of elders. The Language Champions Project is a unique cumulation of his passions for working with teens, photography and the stories of elders.

I love working with teens and a I love the unique stories that elders hold. Even more, I have a passion to share these stories with the greater world. The lives of these elders can help bridge a divide and allow us to see a unique way of understanding the world.

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